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2016 Scholarship Application

Art Scholarships sponsored by The Palmer Lake Art Group are available for all District 38 graduating seniors, and must reside in D38 boundaries. The art scholarship is for D38 seniors planning for a serious career/profession closely related to the visual arts. --A blank hardcopy application may be printed, filled out, and mailed to: Scholarship App, Box 585, Palmer Lake, 80133 --Questions? text, email, or call Lynn Roth • 719-649-4241 •


street/box, city, zip

uploaded jpg file--use Browse button for upload; to send hardcopy--mail to: PLAG App, Box 585, Palmer Lake, 80133


Head/shoulders crop preferred. Used for publicity and exhibit. Maximum size 10MB

Graduating high school

Cumulative to date

Name of the college, university, institute you intend to attend.

Official first day of classes for the institution you are attending.

*Instructor Remarks are required. They may be emailed separately to

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