Watercolor Materials List

Watercolor Instruction Materials List

Patricia J Schmidt, instructor • patriciajschmidt@comcast.net

My motto for beginners:  Put fear aside and let enthusiasm prevail.

Watercolor workshop                                                            Initial Supply List       

Paints:    Winsor Newton preferred

Ultramarine Blue                  Thalo Red (winsor)
Anthrop Blue                          Winsor Green
Burnt Sienna                           Alizarin Crimson
Raw Sienna                             Cadmium Yellow
New Gamboge                        Yellow Ochre


Rounds   1 large          size 12
1 medium    size 6 or 8 or (both)

Flats        ½ inch        ¾ inch


140 lb. cold press to start with.  Possibly a “Block” or buy by sheet, 22”X 30” can be cut down to smaller sizes.


I use a “butcher tray” but there are several white plastic with covers large.

Other supplies

Water container… half gallon milk carton or plastic .

Paper towels or roll of toilet paper

2 B or 3 B pencil

Spray bottle for water

*Masking tape or Duct tape

*16”X 24” board……plywood ¼”

*  not necessary if “Block watercolor Paper” is being used

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