Lynn Roth • artist photographer

Lynn L Roth Palmer Lake, CO

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Lynn has had a life long interest in cameras and photography.  He was challenged to capture an image with creative use of light and other elements.  The arrival of affordable color processes added a new and important element to creative image making.  Lynn’s family always had cameras around, both snapshot and movie.  “We anxiously looked forward to getting the pictures developed to see how they turned out.”
After finishing his BA at the University of Northern Iowa, Lynn moved from Iowa to Colorado, the land of infinite landscapes of shapes, lines, textures, color and sky.  Most of the time, his camera was not far away, whether at work with adolescents; or traveling throughout the Colorado landscapes.  A small wet darkroom added new, additional tools for creativity and imagemaking.
Photography, for a time, took a back seat to family and professional life.  Several years ago, Lynn began editing video for a local videographer/filmmaker of historical documentaries.  Many are still shown on public television stations, and are for sale throughout Colorado.  In 2009 upon the urging of a brother, Lynn purchased a digital SLR camera–a Nikon D90.  His Macintosh digital darkroom included many more tools that were not easily available, if at all, in the average wet darkroom.  Very quickly, Lynn began the creative process of making photographic images.
Lynn Roth Imagery produces fine art archival photographic images.  His work has been displayed in shows and venues along the Colorado Front Range.  His work is often seen in restaurants and galleries on the Palmer Divide–Palmer Lake, Monument, and Southern Douglas County.  Lynn enjoys capturing images locally, as well as throughout New Mexico and the American West.  He is drawn to images in landscapes, nature, and architecture.
Lynn lives in Palmer Lake, Colorado with his family and community, as he has since 1976.  He travels often, both solo and with his wife and family, two adult daughters.  He enjoys hiking in the foothills around his home; and time on a lake in Southwest Colorado.   –2013