Cindy Tafil • artist, instructor

artist   •   acrylic & pastel   •   Palmer Lake, Colorado

Cindy Tafil

Biography & Artist Statement

The challenges and wonder of art began at the age of three when I painted myself using oil paints. The technique was simple; select brilliant colors, and blend by smearing the medium over my entire body.

My uncle was studying art at the Chicago Art Institute at that time and even at a young age, I knew better than to sabotage his canvas, so the paint was liberally applied with joy and the paint painfully removed by my unhappy mom.

Since then, my passion for art has never abated, although I don’t attempt any more body art. Painting to create a particular mood of an idyllic nature scene or capturing the expression of a beloved person or pet is the ultimate journey of expression achieved by the unlimited and endless variations of most art mediums.

Volunteering for various art committees, exhibiting artwork in galleries and art shows continues to be a significant and necessary part of my life.